$ 0.054
Supply 338,110,350.98 UOS
Volume $173,257.00
Market Cap $18,441,781.00
⭕ Max Supply --- 1,000,000,000 UOS
🏗️ Platform ------- EOS

Ultra describes itself as a blockchain-based games distribution platform that offers solutions to both developers and players.

Our mission is to build a first-class PC game publishing platform and ecosystem that puts an end to the current distribution monopoly by providing new opportunities to game developers, players, and influencers.

(see whitepaper p.2)


UOS is the token that empowers the whole Ultra ecosystem and shares revenues efficiently and fairly across developers, influencers and players. All purchases of games, virtual items and services within the ecosystem requires the use of UOS tokens. This includes features such as loyalty programs, advertisements, trading of digital goods and so on. All transactions are completed on the blockchain with our tokens which will cause a constant demand for Ultra token as the ecosystem grows.

Crafting Developers can create NFTs in a very simple way using “Ultra Dev Center” our developer back-office tool. With our powerful SDK, these NFTs are ready to be easily integrate in their games. With the introduction of crafting, we introduce a new income stream for them; They can “fuse” UOS tokens within their NFTs to guarantee an inherent value, which is at least the value of the fused UOS tokens. At any time, the owner of this NFT can “break” the NFT to get its contained UOS tokens back.

Engagement At Ultra we aim to create a beneficial ecosystem for players as well as developers. To ensure this, we provide players with diverse ways to easily and instantly earn UOS tokens. Everyone can earn tokens by engaging on the platform in various ways. Players may also be able to earn UOS by helping developers to build better games through such opportunities as watching ads, participating in beta tests, answering surveys, and much more.

Staking Actors within the Ultra ecosystem can be rewarded with free games, swag and exclusive content by holding UOS tokens. Our staking feature forms a perfect synergy with our engagement rewards, as users can constantly increase their token stake through engagement activities and by holding these tokens they’ll earn even bigger rewards.

Spendability Earn tokens on the Ultra platform or buy and sell games, services and digital items for UOS tokens and spend them in thousands of stores around the world through exclusive partnerships.

(see blog post)

  • 18% Core Team
  • 10% Company Reserve
  • 15.46% Company Growth
  • 19% Content Acquisition
  • 9.54% Private Sale
  • 10% IEO
  • 12% Exchange
  • 1.2% Marketing
  • 4.8% Partners & Advisors

(see blog post)


Disabling voting with coins is the biggest change to our governance model compared to how EOS is operated. We identified three reasons why voting with coins isn’t currently a good idea for us.

First, the audience we are targeting doesn’t particularly understand or care yet about the underlying tech. In fact, our market studies show that advertising ourselves as a games platform using Blockchain tech doesn’t resonate well with players or even with many developers. We want our tech to be as transparent as possible for our users, therefore pushing them to vote for complex tech modifications goes against our mission to make Blockchain-based services mainstream.

Second, even if we exclude ourselves from votes, the coin isn’t yet well distributed enough to ensure a fair distribution of the voting power. Because our project involves cooperation between actors of the games industry and Blockchain ecosystems, we need to ensure an initial distribution that will benefit the Ultra network in the long-term.

Third, we need the right amount of qualified and truthful block producers to meet industry standards. For this reason, we need to keep a close relationship with partners and operators that will contribute to the maximum performance of the Ultra platform. A voting system would be premature due to the critical expertise needed during this early development phase of the Ultra ecosystem.


88% of the PC game market is untapped and developers continue to move away from “app stores” These are developers who don’t agree with Steam’s heavy 30% revenue share or desire to have more control over their user-base. However, game developers outside of Steam are falling short in delivering a fully fledged user experience on their custom platforms.

WORLD PC GAME MARKET USD 32 BILLION 11.9% Steam,  0.1% GoG, Gamejolt … , 88%  Remaining self-publishing platforms

Thanks largely to Steam, gamers have flocked to digital game downloads. This has pushed the global PC gaming market by an average of 12% annual growth over the last decade, with a valuation of almost USD $32Bn in 2017.

Digital distribution has encouraged and enabled a wide range of indie developers to enter the market by reducing distribution costs related to physical packaging and shipping logistics. However, the resulting influx is now forcing developers to spend large amounts of money on advertising to stay relevant.

Nearly 1 in 3 people on earth are now playing video games. That’s 2.1 billion individuals playing at least once a month. The average profile of a PC gamer is 35 years-old, playing for 13 years and has strong purchasing power.

(see whitepaper p.6-8)


Content Distribution By using Ultra, players can enjoy their newly purchased game before having completed their download. Missing data continues to be downloaded while players are playing.

Ad Technology Already battle-tested, our technology currently serves 33 billion daily ads This technology combined with our extensive industry experience enables marketing tools that efficiently promote games, differentiating Ultra from other platforms

  • Enable content publishers to promote their products more efficiently
  • Empower developers to instantly run new ads using Ultra Coins earned from sales
  • Allow users to effortlessly earn Ultra Coins by opting into the Ultra Ads revenue share program

Demand-Side Platform The DSPs allows advertisers to buy impressions from a wide range of publisher sites that are targeting specific users based on criteria such as location age, gender, hobbies, etc. Our DSP ‘plugs in’ to any typical ad exchange marketplace where publishers make their ad inventory available to Ultra.

Ultra Go

  • Text and Voice Chat
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet
  • P2P Payments
  • Popular Content/News
  • Buy and remotely start downloading on PC
  • More to be announced

Ultra Protocol

  • Supports 11,000 transactions per second
  • Expect 100,000+ transactions per second in 2019 Q3
  • No transaction fees required
  • Flexibility which allows the freezing and fixing of broken smart contracts
  • User account protection with recovery mechanism that doesn’t require the user to share secret keys
  • Capable of inter-blockchain communication
  • Eco-friendly low energy consumption

Open blockchain framework Ultra provides a solution which allows anyone to build and operate their own game distribution platform or virtual goods trading service. These 3rd party services still require Ultra coins to operate and our core platform features, such as multi-level referral programs are enforced across all shops through our blockchain.

Game tokenization Developers will want to publish content on Ultra in order to gain access to their own “token factory.” This will allow them to effortlessly materialize their games into a secure crypto token.

  • Secondhand market, allowed or not
  • Sales revenue split with multi-signature
  • Referral program for UOS tokens
  • Additional referral program for items
  • Game access subscription (World of Warcraft style)
  • Monthly game update subscription

Virtual item tokenization Like games, the Ultra platform also makes it possible to tokenize virtual items and sell them through our marketplace or through external marketplaces.

Second-hand market Ultra is the first platform to offer a solution for second-hand games in the mainstream digital games market. Developers can give their secondhand games and virtual items new life and increase their revenue by receiving an additional revenue share from all secondhand resales.

Ultra game SDK The Ultra Games SDK will completely close the gap between legacy publishing platforms and Ultra by providing all SDK features available from competing platforms.

(see whitepaper p.14-35)

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