â­• Max Supply --- 3,959,505,148 PIXEOS
🏗️ Platform ------- EOS
  • Market
  • Project

pixEOS will develop the first arts and games smart-economy on the EOS blockchain where pixEOS tokens have multiple utilities and support the artists, promote and present their work.

pixEOS is more than a game but combines games and art together. Combining from the previous EOS platform concepts, Pixel Master and BetDice, then improved the capabilities of others. Gamification art, the smart economy platform is not just a profit sharing game but also functions as a designer tool for artists. pixEOS uses a non-fungible standard token to support all users.


What will you be able to do with the pixEOS token?

  • Buy Rare Digital Art (NFTs) for physical and digital art in the pixEOS Gallery
  • Bid on Art Auctions for digital and Physical Artworks
  • Hire Artists for freelance commission work
  • Buy In-Game Boosters for the pixEOS Arcade games
  • Pay to Compete with other players and earn pixEOS rewards
  • Buy pixEOS Game Center Upgrades
  • Buy Rare Game Items and trade them on our marketplace
  • Paint on the Paint canvas and earn rewards
  • Try your luck on the pixEOS Reel Machine

The pixEOS team keeps working hard to deliver the mission that was attributed in our roadmap but with the flexibility the community expects for adjustments and changes to adapt to the new, transforming and growing blockchain-verse. (see Blog post)

  • 25.3% Presale Supply 1,000,000,000.00
  • 35.2% Minting Supply 1,396,763,798.00
  • 10.9% Community/Bounty 432,000,000.00
  • 9.9% Staking Rewards 392,741,350.00
  • 9.4% Marketing 375,000,000.00
  • 9.2% Team Allocation 363,000,000.00
  • Total Supply 3,959,505,148

(see whitepaper p. 11) supply changed: (see blog post)


By receiving, using and/or participating in any of the pixEOS platforms with the pixEOS token, the holder or user of said tokens shall have no claim, right or remedy, in law, equity or otherwise against pixEOS Ltd or any other person related thereto, or for any right or cause of action of any kind in any jurisdiction that would give rise to any damages, losses, liabilities, costs or expenses of any kind.

(see whitepaper p.20)


Recently, the sharing economy concept has been on the radar of the art world, mainly within the digital arts sector, prompted by the rising popularity of online platforms using blockchain to record provenance, as well as online marketplaces allowing artists to sell directly to collectors. As this area continues to develop, it’s worth taking a look at the models that are already working within the art market and explore where we can see this evolving.

So who is the driving force behind this evolving area of the art market? If we look into the next generation of art consumers, a quick google search on “millennials” and “experiences” shows clearly that the young professional generation desires spending money ephemeral moments over “stuff.” “I think we are seeing some early signs that art consumption is shifting away from physical ownership, as we saw with books and music, and toward the experiential, ushered in by the digital” wrote Jason Bailey, founder of Artnome, in a piece posted on his site earlier this year.

(see article)


Paint dApp is a decentralized application (dApp) built on the EOS blockchain, the flagship dApp of the pixEOS platform. The pixEOS Paint dApp has an interactive canvas driven by cryptocurrency based tokenomics that reward participants.

pixEOS Shop opened on the Threadless on-demand digital print site in Q1 2019, offering a range of original art from pixEOS Featured Artists

Avatar Maker allows you to create your own custom avatars and when you log in with Scatter or a compatible wallet

pixEOSrama canvas, is a massive collaborative 8000px by 4500 px digital art canvas that began in February 2019. Anyone in the community may submit art for this event. The community submissions will be arranged by pixEOS Featured Artists on the collaborative canvas, and they will also join in, producing original unique and distinct art to be featured alongside that of the community at large.

pixEOS Hub will allow platform goers to navigate between various facets of the pixEOS ecosystem. The hub will bring together all pixEOS components in one place, and it will grow and expand as the platform does.

NFT Art Gallery will launch its own non-fungible token (NFT) curated Art Gallery where people can view, buy, sell, and collect artworks both digital and physical. Digital artists will be able to create or submit their art and back it with pixEOS NFTs.

Auction House will be released in Q3 2019. All final versions of pixEOS Paint canvases will be sold as NFTs through the Auction House and the auction proceeds will revert to the pixel artists who painted on the final version of that particular canvas.

Game Center pixEOS Paint is just the first of many games that will be developed by the pixEOS team. In the future we look forward to producing more games, either independently, or in partnership with other crypto projects.

Art House when the dGoods art standard is ready and integrated, is the launch of the pixEOS Art House, a marketplace where individuals can hire freelance artists and designers to create media services for their own project or company.

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